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#1 31-07-2011 12:56:15
Poster: phalox


Project: Micro-Buy

Why is buying less popular than just downloading music? My opinion...

Let's make a simple comparison: Why do you buy a soda at a soda dispenser and don't try to shake it out (aka steal it)? Because it's harder to steal it than it is to buy.

Going back to the music; First we need a way to pay on the internet. You could connect your credit card to a fancy Apple account, and start downloading music from Itunes. But that's already a great effort, and then you notice that the price is still high compared to an actual CD. It seems that these prices follow the inverse stock curve, high prices at low demands!

It seems like there are two major problems: comfort and price. The second one isn't easily tackled by any solution, but maybe an increase of buyers will change that. The comfort is an element that can and SHOULD be changed. Not everybody wants to take a subscription on Netflix for watching series for only $7.99 and buying them one at a time means extra effort. Comparing that to downloading for example from torrents: you search and click. Your download (whether paid-for or not) probably arrives at the same time, not taking into account streaming websites.

So how can we replicate this search and click experience? It should be possible with Micro Payments, that are the internet equivalent for what is know as Proton in Belgium or ChipKnip in the Netherlands.
The major advantage of these cards is that you plug it in and transfer money without having to enter any codes. While having not any form of protection on the internet, this idea seems to be as simple as illegally downloading files.

Wikipedia has references to such services, but they never managed to penetrate the market. I guess their service was not easy enough, or they didn't cover enough websites.

Another great aspect of protecting the paying users, companies like Microsoft add DMA to their music files, which is not compatible with all music players. So instead of making it easier for the user they want, they make it more convincing to just grab your files elsewhere.

We'll have to see when this current bubble will burst. It's a matter of time...


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