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Are you bootstrapping a startup or considering to become an indie hacker? Grow your startup skills with the invaluable resources on this blog.

Bootstrap that startup

More than ever, entrepreneurs are building startups. And more than ever startups are failing. We know because many of our initiatives failed too. With this blog, you can learn from our mistakes. Don’t lose faith when the journey gets tough, everyone goes through these times. Keep going and you will see results! Our articles will keep you company along the road. Subscribe to receive the latest content, that will inspire, give you realistic expectations and some great tools to supercharge your startup.

Grow your startup skills with these popular reads

Bootstrap a startup that won’t fail

Bootstrap a startup that won’t fail

August 11, 20204 min read
Investing for beginners

Investing for beginners

April 22, 201912 min read

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We’re building Validat.r, a service for entrepreneurs who bootstrap a startup. Our pragmatic and experimental approach gives us a good idea of the things that do or don’t work. To make your life easier, we’re documenting that process and other content that will help you move forward. It still is a tough journey and it will take much longer than you expect right now. That’s why Validat.r can keep you going, so that you too can build your own successful startup! Check out our offer.

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If you’ll dig through older articles, you will notice a lot of content around software and electronics projects and about investing. For those who like to take a trip through history, have a look at these categories.

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