Haaaa, the mighty about page. Since you’re here, I guess you want to know a little more about me. My name is Toon, I live in Belgium and I was born in 1990! In July 2012, I graduated as industrial engineer in electronics. Outside of Belgium, industrial engineer isn’t really known, so never mind that.

Ever since I was a little boy, I was fascinated by the wonders of technology. I took things apart, I tried to make things (without much success) and started my career in high school. In Belgium we have mostly fixed curricula, so I chose to go the maths and sciences way (after making the mistake of trying Latin first – but you never know it helped in a way).

After that, I started at Group T Engineering College in Leuven and 4 years later I can introduce myself as engineer. In my spare time I tinker with electronics (as you might have noticed from the posts here), and I try to join the monthly RobotMC meeting.

What does Phalox mean?

In need of a new nickname/internet alias, I started looking for something. At GroupT, we named all of our servers after characters from Asterix & Obelix. So, I stuck with Greek god names. Since there are so many options, I decided to choose something that started with a P (the first letter of my last name). Somehow I ended up with Pollux. After some more iterations of shifting letters around, I ended up with Phalox (somehow the Phalanx military formation got mixed into the name).

So, no deep meaning. Just some word-play!

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  1. Safak Agustoslu

     /  October 26, 2014

    Hi. I am interesting dmx 3ch rec. but I can’t convert hex file. PLease help me. Usually I am writing program with picbasicpro. Now your program asm. program. how can I build this. I downloaded mplab software. But give to me more error. I think 12lf1822.lib can’t see. Please share with me your experience. I writen dmx sender with pbp it is working good. But I can’t write receiver program. I think pbp commands take a very long time. start pulse sometimes lost. I want to try your program. Please help. Thanks


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