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DMX LED Stage Light

We did DMX receivers, we did DMX pool lights, but now it’s time for something slightly more professional: Buying DMX lights! Oh, and in between we did a DMX transmitter which is remarkably simply. We also had some fun with parties, using Freestyler DMX software (it’s Belgian! but not that user friendly that you can […]

Itead Sonoff & Slampher custom firmware fix

A couple of months ago, I received an Itead Studio Sonoff and Slampher module that are meant for some home automation by using their app (and platform). I’ve made some short videos about the modules and a dissasembly. Because both modules run on the ESP8266 chips, reprogramming them with custom firmware seemed obvious. Itead even […]

My very first electronics project

SeeedStudio has been asking about our very first making experience, so I thought about it. The first project (electronics related) I did was a solder kit from Velleman (it’s a Belgian company, but do spread their stuff over the world). My dad and I bought it in the local electronics shop and assembled it with […]

Networked 1D Pong

I’m going to assume that you’ve heard of Pong, probably one of the first computer games that ever existed. But you know, 2 dimensions is really hard to cope with, so a new – simpler – version has popped up recently: 1D pong. Just one line, where the ball continuously travels from one side to […]

SeeedStudio’s Clio board

A couple of weeks ago, SeeedStudio did one of their give-aways. This time, it was their Clio Arduino board. They gave me this board, because I referred to one of my previous projects: The getting started with electronics – a traffic light. This was a small project I did with my niece on an afternoon. […]

DP HD44780 LCD Backpack

A coupld of weeks ago, SeeedStudio was giving away $10 coupons with every PCB order. This was to promote their revamped service! But, because I didn’t have any design ready yet, I started looking at some interesting boards made by others. Dangerous Prototypes is quite a nice place to get such designs, and so I […]


Introduction Some of you might already know the Monome project. If you don’t, please have a look at their website! In short: the Monome is a box with a lot of buttons and LEDs underneath them that can be fully controlled by the computer. In fact there isn’t any software on the Monome that does […]

Human Remote

For our master’s thesis at Group T Engineering College (Leuven – Belgium), SoftKinetic asked Jiang Lin and I to create something with 3D cameras that hasn’t been done before. SoftKinetic is a company that offers 3D camera’s and middleware to process the camera data. The latter was of great importance to the success of this […]

DMX receiver (3 channel)

I always wanted to make a decent controller for LED strips, so the most logical choice would be to get started with DMX. On this page I will describe this project of mine. Step 1: design some PCB’s! Note that the final PCB will be 17*50mm Update This morning the mailman delivered a cute box […]

DMX controlled Pool lights

It’s great when projects come together, and that’s what happened here! The DMX transmitter and the DMX receiver join forces to become a light spectacle in water (ahum). There is not that much novel here, so just check the other projects for more information. But there are however some pictures and a video that I […]

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