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Versio Tutorial – Wildcard Let’s Encrypt certificaten

De browser toont dat de connectie beveiligd is

English intro This post is focusing on the Dutch webhosting provider Versio, but probably works with any DirectAdmin hosting. Read here the Google Translated version to figure out how to enable Let’s Encrypt SSL certificates on any of your domains and subdomains without having to perform manual actions. Introductie SSL is de standaard geworden voor […]

(Student) rental house management platform

As my longest running project, the student rental house management platform has grown from a couple of pages to a portal that is still useful for, in this case my father, to manage his student house with 8 rooms. In this post I want to discuss the features, but also the components it’s built of. […]

3 nerdy things you can do with Telegram except chatting

You might know Telegram as a messaging app (like Messenger, WhatsApp, Wechat and the likes). Seen the increase in terrorist activity, it’s apparently also the preferred method for terrorists to communicate. But this can never be an argument against a free internet! Leaving politics aside: Telegram also has some very unique features, which will be […]

Displaying GDB dumped 802.15.4 buffer in WireShark

The 802.15.4 mac layer has these great headers with too many single-bit options; sufficient to make your head hurt after a while. Since I was debugging some code, I had access to the entire buffer containing the entire frame. It would be nice to show this in Wireshark, wouldn’t it? It’s actually not that difficult: […]

Debugging two targets with two Segger JLinks on Linux

If you’re doing any project with networking, you’ve probably had a moment where you wanted to debug two targets at once. I was debugging picoTCP on an 802.15.4 capable target which meant all communication was wireless. Up till now I could only debug one target at the time (while the other kept running), which was […]

Remap Macbook Keyboard

I grew up with windows, so after getting my macbook, installing windows was the first thing to do. My fingers have grown in that specific keyboard layout where you have (from left to right): LCtrl – LWindows – LAlt ~~ RAlt – RCtrl Which is not the order the macbook keys are in! But there […]

How to solve Address Errors (on PIC24F)

Update Your compiler can help you out with some very common cause: the -Wcast-align flag. Every time you cast a value to something that was bigger than the previous one, you can get into serious problems. Prevent using any of these constructions… char *a_char_pointer; uint32_t *my_big_pointer = (uint32_t*) char_pointer; The a_char_pointer might be badly alligned […]

Configuring a Gyration remote to work with XBMC

This will be a quick post, mostly for future reference, but someone else might find a use for it too. Sources: The configs I found were made for a slightly different Gyration remote. Mine has colored small buttons on the bottom, while others have labeled black ones. I made some notes on […]

Encrypted Chatting

Have you ever wondered how safe it is to chat with MSN (nowadays Live) Messenger? Have you ever had a look at the traffic flying around a wireless access point? Well, you should! Install Wireshark on your computer and have a look at your own chat conversations. But for those of you who are simply […]

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