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Gather customer feedback using WhatsApp

Getting your customers to talk to you and provide feedback is hard. Converting them into customers might be even harder. That’s why WhatsApp could be a great tool to make it easy on your customers to get in touch, either to get customer feedback or to start a sales cycle.

Many of us have WhatsApp to talk to family or friends, and that’s what makes it a great tool to talk with your customers as well. Because it’s already installed on their phone, it’s free and they know how to use it. A little known feature of WhatsApp is a URL to start a new conversation with a number that’s not in your contact list.[+country code + number]&text=[Some template text]

e.g.: Toon, I'm interested in
The WhatsApp website that loads on desktop
When clicking the above link, users on desktop will see this page

When clicking on the previous link, a user is sent to the WhatsApp app on the phone to start the customer feedback conversation
On mobile, your customer goes straight to the app

I first encountered it on who used it as the main call to action on his website. His goal was to get people to book a free 30min consultation which he could later convert into paying members. As such, his usage of WhatsApp served as a lead generation tool. Since then he moved on to Calendly.

Rhys inspired me to try out this mechanism as an easy way to book a medical pedicure appointment. You could already make an appointment through the usual channels like phone and email. But even though the phone number was tied to a WhatsApp account, little people used it. Adding this newfound WhatsApp feature seemed the obvious next step. It also added two extra improvements:

  1. You can define the formality (first name basis?) of the conversation
  2. You can guide your users to a question that would typically convert in a sale (I’m interested in … )

How did WhatsApp impact conversions?

It’s hard to make solid claims about the effectiveness of this new way of contact, because the majority of interactions with customers is not tracked. Below a graph shows the usage of this new feature over the past year and a half. Maybe WhatsApp did not cause any extra sales. But it made it easier for customers to get in touch and that’s what counts.

A graph showing how often per month a user clicks on the WhatsApp button
In Matomo I set up a goal every time a user clicks the link. Here’s a graph since the introduction on a monthly basis.

How can I benefit from WhatsApp to gather customer feedback?

If your customer base is a likely user of WhatsApp and you can update your contact form with a simple link, you should give this a shot. There are many other ways to have customers reach out to you, but this is one of the lowest effort ones!

Once you better know your customers and where they reside, you can check out those social media platforms what they offer to businesses. WhatsApp also offers a business account if you need more control over your interactions. Or you could look into other social media like Facebook Messenger.

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