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Some of you might already know the Monome project. If you don’t, please have a look at their website!

In short: the Monome is a box with a lot of buttons and LEDs underneath them that can be fully controlled by the computer. In fact there isn’t any software on the Monome that does something cool 🙂 All the information goes from and to the computer where it’s processed. On the computer side, you should have a piece of software (monomeserial) running which does the communication with the Monome and has the ability to change options (rotation of the device, number of devices and how they’re oriented, the output method). Especially the last option is interesting: the software makes it possible to use the Monome as a MIDI device in any audio software. But also Open Sound Control is another way of communicating with the Monome. The latter is preferred for communicating with your own apps.

That’s about it for the introduction. All other details, you can find on the internet!

What can yo do with it?
Just a quick impression:

I found some time to upload this picture.
The setup is fully functional, but isn’t in a case just yet 🙂

Jonas (Industria’s PC next year!) and I are designing a case for our Arduinomes.

Testing the measurements in real life:

And some more work in progress!

From left to right:

  • Phalox’s blue Arduinome 64
  • Phalox’s white Arduinome 32
  • Jonas’ blue Arduinome 64

We’re coming to the end of this story.
Here are some more pictures:

And another update! This time an actual enclosure 🙂

The small brother:

Last week, I had some fun drilling/milling out a USB hole in the casing. It took some time to get it right 🙂 Note to self: Don’t forget to include a hole for connectors in your future designs.

I’m painting the box!
The biggest one of both arduinomes now has had a second layer of primer. Next up is 2 layers of old looking brown, thrilled to see what that will look like!

And here is a painted version.

And some more paint:

This is how it looks:

Want to make one yourself? I still have multiple controller PCB’s left.
See also this post on the monome forums:

And if you add Ableton Live to the mix, you get something like this:

I’m trying to get something useful out of my monome, so I am looking for – yet again – another new setup that is easy to install and use. To check whether the OSC protocol is working, I was looking for an OSC monitor, and found one!

This one is for windows, but there are others too!

I almost lost the files, but managed to find the PCB files back! I put them nice and safely in my git repo.

This should be a copy from the eagle designs and the arduino firmware for the original Arduinome. I’m not sure if this is the latest version, and whether there are no mistakes, but it’s the best I have.


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  1. Hey Phalox!

    Where did you get the rubber button membrane from? This looks like a fun project but I have no clue where I could get such buttons.


    • admin admin


      I got mine from their Sparkfun “Free Day” 🙂
      You can put 5mm LEDs underneath them, and sparkfun has an Eagle library available for the button footprint (in case you want to make your own PCB). You can also slice the button pad in 4 pieces.

  2. Ricardo Aurelio Briseño Caballero Ricardo Aurelio Briseño Caballero

    i buy one monome, but can´t find how to use it, help!!!

    • admin admin

      Hi Ricardo,
      Are you talking about an official Monome? The website ( is full with documentation, and many people have made tutorials.

      What are you trying to do?

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