DMX controlled Pool lights

It’s great when projects come together, and that’s what happened here! The DMX transmitter and the DMX receiver join forces to become a light spectacle in water (ahum). There is not that much novel here, so just check the other projects for more information. But there are however some pictures and a video that I would like to share!

By day, this is what you’ll see:

The LED strip is attached to a bamboo stick. It worked out better than expected!

Today I glued the other strip. And that was quite a challenge! I had to cut one meter from a 5 meter strip, and had to fix one of the LEDs. To make everything watertight once again, I put quite some silicone in the ends which is still hardening at the moment.

I got some time to finish the PCB that should be controlling the lights. At first, we wanted to put 4 meters of lights in the pool, but those 2 meters do a great job already! This also greatly simplifies the electronics used: only 2 DMX receivers, a cheaper power supply (the total now draws about 270mA at 12V on average – but, normally there is only one color at full brightness) and a smaller PCB. Here are the pictures!

There is no connector yet for a power supply because I’m not sure yet which one I’ll be using. There is still some room left for some additions (one of them might be a bluetooth module, making the entire installation controllable by a bluetooth device. Think Android phone). It seems there is a minor problem with the connection of the red color on one of the strips, so I’ll look into that today!

And that’s how it looks!

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