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There is so much more to see on the world wide web, here are some places to start your discoveries:

  • Some people I know
    • Lin Jiang (Life, Belgium and China)
    • Devon Kerkhove (Electronics, programming, game development…)
    • Olivier Paulus (Mostly cars, photographing)
    • Elia (Young guy, making great electronics projects!)
    • Arthur (A colleague from Altran, let’s encourage him to share his projects!)
  • Communities
  • Blogs/Vlogs
    • EEVBlog (Crazy Australian video blog about electronics)
    • The Ben Heck Show (Crazy electronics projects)
    • Hack a Day (My most favourite website, electronics projects from all around the globe)
    • The Signal Path Blog (Interesting and thorough videos)
    • Evan Kale (creative and techincal young mind, great videos)
    • SDG Electronics (Somewhat similar to EEVBlog with some more audio related videos, but in general broad electronics topics)
  • Getting components
    • Ebay (If you know the component names, you can get cheap stuff! Sort by price, cheapest including shipping, and worldwide. A lot of Chinese sellers)
    • AliExpress seems to be the cheapest source of components nowadays. Based on the reviews you could also get a better feeling about the thrustworthyness of sellers.
    • Seeedstudio and Iteadstudio offer cheap PCB services and other electronics.


  1. G G

    Hello, do you still have the gerber files for the aurdionome? Starfish at monome forums files are unreachable.

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