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Our Validat.r service is there for you!

Building a startup can be a rough ride, we know. We’ve had days of excitement and days of near depression. We’ve felt energized when we could finally release something to the public, and hurt when nobody came to visit. There are times when we have a super clear vision of what to do. And there are times when we feel totally stuck.

All of this has scared many aspiring entrepreneurs to shy away from starting their business. With Validat.r we support these young (or nonexistent) businesses during a stage that’s usually ignored: Validating that you’re solving a worthwhile problem for a real customer. Fun fact: Ignoring this stage is the reason why 70% of startups fail!

Our heavily Agile inspired formula will help you to focus on what’s most important. We’ll help you nail down that customer/problem combination quickly. Furthermore, we focus heavily on teaching you the right skills so that you will be able to apply them in future endeavors.

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Did entrepreneurship not work out the way you expected? The skills you learn with Validat.r will also make you a great Product Manager! That’s why we value skill creation over following a process!