How to build a girlfriend-approved download box with a BBB – part 1

Ever since the move to our appartment, we did not have a Network Attached Storage device that could handle files and downloads for all computers. Devon kindly donated me a Beagle Bone Black (BBB in short) that would form the perfect basis for a low power system. Though, low power wasn’t the only requirement. Living […]

Displaying GDB dumped 802.15.4 buffer in WireShark

The 802.15.4 mac layer has these great headers with too many single-bit options; sufficient to make your head hurt after a while. Since I was debugging some code, I had access to the entire buffer containing the entire frame. It would be nice to show this in Wireshark, wouldn’t it? It’s actually not that difficult: […]

Debugging two targets with two Segger JLinks on Linux

If you’re doing any project with networking, you’ve probably had a moment where you wanted to debug two targets at once. I was debugging picoTCP on an 802.15.4 capable target which meant all communication was wireless. Up till now I could only debug one target at the time (while the other kept running), which was […]

Itead Sonoff & Slampher custom firmware fix

A couple of months ago, I received an Itead Studio Sonoff and Slampher module that are meant for some home automation by using their app (and platform). I’ve made some short videos about the modules and a dissasembly. Because both modules run on the ESP8266 chips, reprogramming them with custom firmware seemed obvious. Itead even […]

My very first electronics project

SeeedStudio has been asking about our very first making experience, so I thought about it. The first project (electronics related) I did was a solder kit from Velleman (it’s a Belgian company, but do spread their stuff over the world). My dad and I bought it in the local electronics shop and assembled it with […]

Networked 1D Pong

I’m going to assume that you’ve heard of Pong, probably one of the first computer games that ever existed. But you know, 2 dimensions is really hard to cope with, so a new – simpler – version has popped up recently: 1D pong. Just one line, where the ball continuously travels from one side to […]

Remap Macbook Keyboard

I grew up with windows, so after getting my macbook, installing windows was the first thing to do. My fingers have grown in that specific keyboard layout where you have (from left to right): LCtrl – LWindows – LAlt ~~ RAlt – RCtrl Which is not the order the macbook keys are in! But there […]

SeeedStudio’s Clio board

A couple of weeks ago, SeeedStudio did one of their give-aways. This time, it was their Clio Arduino board. They gave me this board, because I referred to one of my previous projects: The getting started with electronics – a traffic light. This was a small project I did with my niece on an afternoon. […]

How to solve Address Errors (on PIC24F)

Update Your compiler can help you out with some very common cause: the -Wcast-align flag. Every time you cast a value to something that was bigger than the previous one, you can get into serious problems. Prevent using any of these constructions… char *a_char_pointer; uint32_t *my_big_pointer = (uint32_t*) char_pointer; The a_char_pointer might be badly alligned […]

DP HD44780 LCD Backpack

A coupld of weeks ago, SeeedStudio was giving away $10 coupons with every PCB order. This was to promote their revamped service! But, because I didn’t have any design ready yet, I started looking at some interesting boards made by others. Dangerous Prototypes is quite a nice place to get such designs, and so I […]

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