Versio Tutorial – Wildcard Let’s Encrypt certificaten

De browser toont dat de connectie beveiligd is

English intro This post is focusing on the Dutch webhosting provider Versio, but probably works with any DirectAdmin hosting. Read here the Google Translated version to figure out how to enable Let’s Encrypt SSL certificates on any of your domains and subdomains without having to perform manual actions. Introductie SSL is de standaard geworden voor […]

Investing for beginners

Are you looking for alternatives to the horrible savings accounts? You’ve just found your starters guide!

Investeren voor beginners

Op zoek naar een simpele manier om je centen te beleggen? Hier ben je op het juiste adres!

How to build a girlfriend-approved download box with a BBB – part 3/3

It took more than 2 years since the first post, and the second one, but here it is: the final one! The result After moving to Switzerland, I didn’t have access to my tools anymore. So a little trip homewards, made me decide to finalize this project! The 2 main jobs: Fix the power jack […]

(Student) rental house management platform

As my longest running project, the student rental house management platform has grown from a couple of pages to a portal that is still useful for, in this case my father, to manage his student house with 8 rooms. In this post I want to discuss the features, but also the components it’s built of. […]

How to build a girlfriend-approved download box with a BBB – part 2

In Part 1 (way too long ago), we’ve set up a BeagleBone Black and put it in an old amplifier. It’s time to add some more about what happened during the past months. Stability During the past year I did experience some stability issues: Especially when the device was shut down brutally by pulling out […]

DMX LED Stage Light

We did DMX receivers, we did DMX pool lights, but now it’s time for something slightly more professional: Buying DMX lights! Oh, and in between we did a DMX transmitter which is remarkably simply. We also had some fun with parties, using Freestyler DMX software (it’s Belgian! but not that user friendly that you can […]

3 nerdy things you can do with Telegram except chatting

You might know Telegram as a messaging app (like Messenger, WhatsApp, Wechat and the likes). Seen the increase in terrorist activity, it’s apparently also the preferred method for terrorists to communicate. But this can never be an argument against a free internet! Leaving politics aside: Telegram also has some very unique features, which will be […]

What to do when you finish studying in Belgium? Wat doen wanneer je studies eindigen in Belgie?

I’ve noticed it’s pretty difficult to get a full summary of information when something in your life changes. One of them being finishing your studies (congratz for that!). Your diploma This is what you’ve been working pretty hard for. The majority of the schools provide you with a confirmation paper, which is not yet your […]

How to build a girlfriend-approved download box with a BBB – part 1

Ever since the move to our appartment, we did not have a Network Attached Storage device that could handle files and downloads for all computers. Devon kindly donated me a Beagle Bone Black (BBB in short) that would form the perfect basis for a low power system. Though, low power wasn’t the only requirement. Living […]

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