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DMX receiver (3 channel)

I always wanted to make a decent controller for LED strips, so the most logical choice would be to get started with DMX. On this page I will describe this project of mine. Step 1: design some PCB’s! Note that the final PCB will be 17*50mm Update This morning the mailman delivered a cute box […]

DMX controlled Pool lights

It’s great when projects come together, and that’s what happened here! The DMX transmitter and the DMX receiver join forces to become a light spectacle in water (ahum). There is not that much novel here, so just check the other projects for more information. But there are however some pictures and a video that I […]

Modifying a R/C car to become a robot

I used to have a lot of fun with the Tyco Rebound Mini, a R/C car that could bump into things, flip over and continue its ride. When spare time got scarce, it started gathering dust in the cellar. But today, is the day that this car gets a second chance as a full blown […]

Led cube

This is my first attempt of building a led cube, so I kept it small. A 3*3*3 cube is fun to play with. Teaser: Update It has been a long time that I’ve worked on this project. But this week I managed to take a huge leap! At this moment, the basic software is programmed, […]

Telephone keypad

I dismantled an old telephone. The interesting part is the keyboard! This I can use for any further project! First I had to make some schemes what buttons where attached to what pins. Next I had to find a 14pins cable. I found one from an old 486, it was attached to some serial port. […]

Teaching microcontrollers

My ten year old niece did some soldering today! As an introduction to electronics, microcontrollers, soldering and programming we decided to make a traffic light! This is the result: Here’s the code. Not much to it, but my niece wrote the logic part 🙂

Encrypted Chatting

Have you ever wondered how safe it is to chat with MSN (nowadays Live) Messenger? Have you ever had a look at the traffic flying around a wireless access point? Well, you should! Install Wireshark on your computer and have a look at your own chat conversations. But for those of you who are simply […]

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